NEUROCOM was founded as a State research, development and production enterprise in 1988 by the Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IRE RAS).
The aim of the enterprise was to accelerate the application of modern technologies to industry, transport and medical fields.

1989: NEUROCOM became a Joint Stock Company.
1994: NEUROCOM became a Production enterprise.

Present Neurocom's staff include 4 members who are holders of advanced Doctorate Degree (professors), 12 members with Ph.D. qualifications, and several experts in radio-electronics, communication, bio and medical physics whose origins were from various research organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Department of Defense.
Many of the projects are collaborations with the Institutes of the Ministry of Transport and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

NEUROCOM and the Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) Russian Railroads have worked together for more than 16 years.

  • NEUROCOM has more than 4500 square meters of production facilities and modern production, quality control, and test equipment.
  • NEUROCOM comply with the international ISO-9001 standard.
  • All of our products comply with relevant target market certification requirements.
  • We are also happy to submit our products for approval in new markets upon request.


phone/ fax (495) 640-7671 JSC "Neurocom". Any copying, republication or redistribution of Neurocom content without our written permission is prohibited.

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