Bio-adaptive relaxation toy


Bio-adaptive relaxation toy is designed for teaching a child or adult to control his own relaxation level. This toy works as the biofeedback activity indicator. The child's activity level corresponds to toy behavior. It helps the child to relax and, if necessary, to fall asleep.

Child's excitation or relaxation is detected by constant measuring of his electro dermal arousal with a special wristband. When child's activity level is detected and going down - the bio-adaptive toy indicates that it is also going to "falls asleep" by more frequent eye closure or slower movements. It finally "falls asleep" together with the child.
This technology is used in both professional and wide-range applications.

Professional bio-adaptive devices are intended for psychologists and psychotherapistsin hospitals, medical centers, child health clinics and psychological centers.
They are used for:

  • to assist pain-killers and sedatives as an addition to drug therapy
  • for training children in non-drug relaxation methods (as separate procedure or as an addition to general therapy),
  • self training prescribed by a physician or psychologist.

Wide range bio-adaptive devices are used for:
1. To help children or adults:

  • to fall asleep,
  • to assist in self relaxation.

2. Training help for junior sportsmen for:

  • adopting self_relaxation methods,
  • reducing high inner tension level,
  • self monitoring and detecting inner tension in stress conditions.


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