The system is intended for express-evaluation of parameters characterizing the current condition of the organism and individual systems thereof that assure the required professional capacity for work (pre-operational control). At considerable deviation of these parameters from the individual norm the system issues recommendations on unable-to-work condition of the examined person. The system also provides for on-line evaluation of employees rehabilitation procedures based on physiological, psychophysiological and psychological indices that contributes to determination of efficiency of the selected rehabilitation program (deep evaluation of functional condition).

Examination is performed in automatic mode:

  • in case of pre-operational control: in 5 minutes,
  • in case of deep evaluation of functional condition dynamics: in 20 minutes.

EKOZ-01 provides for registration and automatic analysis of parameters as follows:

Physiological parameters

  • blood pressure and cardiac rhythm,
  • indices of cardiac rhythm variability (determination of four types of arrhythmias),
  • tremor characteristics (frequency of touch, total time of touch).

Psychophysiological parameters

  • simple visual-motoric reaction at set forth rate,
  • number of mistaken actions at complex visual-motoric reaction at imposed rate,
  • complex visual-motoric reaction at differentiation of signals by duration,
  • complex visual-motoric reaction to gaps in chain of signals.

Psychological parameters

  • based on results of SAN test,
  • based on results of association word test (detection of problematic areas),
  • based on results of Spielberg test.


The system is intended for objectification and enhancement of efficiency of pre-operational
control and evaluation of efficiency of rehabilitation of railways employees, drivers, operators
of automatic systems, traffic superintendents, etc.


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